Our vision is to create the future with new thinking and innovation in smart inspection camera technology.



Our mission is to provide all trades and DIY with smart and useful innovative inspection tools that help build an easier, smarter and safer work and home environment.



We listen, we share, and we celebrate. We never give up. There is always a solution.

With respect, integrity, courage and professionalism we challenge ourselves to achieve success for our company, customers and stakeholders.

Who are Ferret Tools?


We are an award-winning technology company that specializes in electronic design and manufacturing.

We are headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, a country that thinks differently, innovates quickly, that uses a unique perspective on the world to solve problems in a different way.

We have used this unique perspective to create the future with new thinking and innovation in inspection camera technology to help build an easier, more efficient and safer work environment for Trades and DIY.

Innovating for the Future

The company is led by the Founder and CEO Andrew Wigney, the electronic designer and innovator of the Ferret range of products and Co-Founder Therese McNaughten who heads Marketing and the global brand strategy for the company. We are supported by a highly creative and innovative team who are driven and committed to making an impact in innovation that helps make a difference for the trade and DIYers/Homeowners and other markets.

We are passionate about designing and engineering reliable, useful, durable inspection cameras packed with the latest technology to help support easier, faster, and safer inspections, cable installations, maintenance and repair work – for on the job or at home.

We revolutionised the inspection camera industry with the world's first combination wireless rechargeable inspection camera and cable pulling tool - the Ferret WiFi. The innovation and design were accoladed globally by the electrical, cabling and trade industries, winning a total of 6 prestigious awards in the US and the UK.

Through our commitment to creating and designing new innovation and as a direct response to customer needs, we combined the award-winning features of the original model and used the latest electronics and smart phone functionality to launch the new Ferret Tools range globally in 2021/22.

New Range

The new range includes 3x new ground-breaking wireless inspection cameras, the Ferret Lite, Ferret Pro and Ferret Plus each offering the ultimate in performance, innovation, functionality and the latest technology to choose from. Our new range was accoladed in 2021 for its innovation winning Cabling Innovators Awards - Platinum-level honouree status.

"This is the second time that our judging panel has determined tools from Ferret demonstrate ground-breaking innovation, and therefore are worthy of Platinum awards in our program. Two years ago, the Ferret WiFi was similarly recognized with a Platinum award, and this year the Ferret Lite, Ferret Pro and Ferret Plus impressed our judges as highly innovative products." — Cabling Installation & Maintenance Chief Editor Patrick McLaughlin

We also were accoladed at the EC&M Product of the year Competition, winning the Speciality Tools Category for our New Range of Inspection Tools and in October 2021at the largest electrical contracting tradeshow in the USA we were honoured with a Showstopper Award. Selected from a diverse range of products the Ferret Tools team were proud to be recognised alongside the best and well-known brands in the industry with our entry - the Ferret Plus.

In addition, we designed a Ferret Sweeps model especially for chimney inspections which sits in our speciality range.

The Ferret can see and reach where you can’t

The Ferret, packed with the latest technology can be attached to a glow rod or fish stick. It is a versatile, easy to use solution that is linked to a smart device that encouraging an efficient and safer work home/work environment. It comes with a variety of attachments.

While our primary market has been the electrical industry, the Ferret is a versatile inspection tool and has had universal appeal across a wide range of trades including Data/Telecom, Home Inspections, Plumbing, Building, HVAC, Chimney Inspections, Marine, Animal Control, Pest Control, Wastewater Management DIY/Homeowners and more.

We currently work with a network of Authorized Channel Partners in USA & Canada, the UK, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

You will know you have the genuine product through the Ferret's unique design, brand, shape & functionality.

Ferret Tools: Building a safer, smarter work & home environment.

Inspect with a Ferret. Smart Tool. Smart Choice.

For more information on the Ferret Tools range of products and accessories and to see a list of our Authorized Channel Partners see our Where to Buy page or contact [email protected]

quotation We're a technology company from New Zealand,
a country that thinks differently, that innovates quickly, that uses
a unique perspective on the world to solve problems in a different way.

An Industry Winner

The team was honoured to be recognised as leader in industry innovation receiving 6 awards from global industry professionals. This is a credit to our global team, our Authorized Channel Partners and all our Ferret customers.


The Ferret was selected by electrical and construction experts as a Showstopper Winner for its innovation and excellence at the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) 2017.

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The EC&M competition was established in the US to honour excellence in new product development in the electrical industry. The prestigious awards program showcases the most innovative products.

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Ferret WiFi has been honoured with a Platinum Award, recognized as a leader and innovator to the largest collection of structured cabling professionals in the world for their tool the Ferret WiFi.

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The awards are recognition for those manufacturers and suppliers that have made a real difference to the electrical contractor’s ability to get the job done efficiently, safely and professionally.

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The 27th Electrical Industry Awards 2019 takes place on Thursday 24 October in the jubilant atmosphere of the Palace Suite at the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington, London.

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The Ferret WiFi was named Best New Product of 2019 at the SELECT Awards, sponsored by CEF which is UK’s largest electrical wholesaler/ supplier with 400 branches nationwide. The annual awards ceremony was held in Glasgow.

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